Northstar Flameless Heaters have not been manufactured since 2015.

There are no heaters for sale. Heaters have been discontinued.

About - Northstar Flameless

Founded in 1964, Northstar Flameless produced high quality industrial & recreational heaters.  We still continue to support older models by providing access to replacement parts & accessories.  Give us a call and we can help you identify the part you need and send it to you immediately.

 Wall Mount Cargo Heater

 Portable Cargo Heater

 Recreational Heater

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" Product was as described and shipped on time. Customer service was helpful while diagnosing the problem with my heater."

Taylor Yamin

MACH5 Ventures Inc, Maple Ridge, BC.

" So glad I found you! I love my Northstar heater but really needed a part.  Rob helped me figure out what I needed and It came a few days later. Thanks! "

Antony Ferguson

MACH5 Ventures Inc, Maple Ridge, BC.
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